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I became a Registered Nurse 20 yrs ago working in the Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Room, and Flight Nursing. My oldest child struggled with behavioral and developmental issues when he was younger. Through the years he was seen by multiple providers. Eventually, he was seen by a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric provider who taught us how brain development affects behavior and provided us with parenting tools and proper medication management. I returned to school to learn to help other families with challenging children. I am now a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner trained to provide psychiatric mental health care for all ages. I am also specialized in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. I completed a pediatric fellowship in mental health along with a three year internship in developmental and behavioral pediatrics. I am a Pediatric Mental Health Specialist (PMHS) and a Developmental Trauma and Attachment Informed Clinician (Child Trauma Academy, NMT Certification). The purpose of my journey is to help parents and children have harmony in the home and to help struggling children become their best selves.

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